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They manipulate the Bible, taking advantage of our ignorance.

Generally, we don’t seek to locate Bible verses that are distorted when purchasing a Bible. Christians, accustomed to taking God’s blessings for granted, tend not to scrutinise the accuracy of the Bible verses they read daily. Unfortunately, Christians worldwide often choose to remain silent about manipulated Bible verses, even when the misinformation is evident to them, particularly those listed below.

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    Safeguard the word of Christ.
    Bible wholesalers
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  • and Christian bookstores

Steadily, the enemies of God actively continue to misinterpret every Bible translation, including the online versions on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Yandex.

Sincerely, I am not a clergyman. But there is someone who loves God, and He loves me too. I love God’s word and bought a Bible from a Christian bookstore on August 7, 2023. Unaware of the extent to which the Bible is under attack, I didn’t check the inside to locate the Bible verses that threatened as many Christians.

Nevertheless, that evening, while trying to spend some quiet time with the Lord, I dozed off and woke up at 5 or 6 AM the next day.

Then, I took the Bible and said, “Father, I’m reading this Bible for the first time. Please show me something that will exalt your name in Jesus’ name.

At random, I opened 1 Chronicles 9. Immediately. I realised it was only a list of names. I then questioned why God had led me to the chapter that only contained names.

Dialogue with the Lord to locate Bible verses under threat.

Locate Bible verses
Beware of manipulated Bibles.

Conversely, the Spirit told me to keep reading. Suddenly, the word “Meribaal” (Baal in other translations, 1 Chronicles 9:36) caught my attention, and I questioned, “What name is such there?”

A few lines ahead, I saw names au fait with Kish, Saul, and Jonathan until I got to 1 Chronicles 9:40: “The son of Jonathan was Meri-Baal.” When a neonate could identify Jonathan’s son as Mephibosheth, I became alarmed. Meribaal, Micah’s father, even wrote some verses to add to the confusion. They know that Christians have detected their deception.

Woo! I cried. Therefore, because of that awful name, Baal, He directed me to the chapter. Oh, I need to know that the Bible is under attack from Satanic agents. Why didn’t I find the Bible verses under threat before purchasing them?

Then I felt annoyed, furious, and disappointed, but I didn’t know what to do. I was ruminating about why such a cute angel girl sold me a satanic bible.

If you are unfamiliar with Baal, go to 1 Kings 18 to learn how Elijah defeated and humiliated these demons and their priests.

Then, I questioned my father, “Father, what do I do now?” I was perplexed. “Return it, but don’t quarrel with them,” he told me. I added, “Father, when I get there, I must talk.” He replied, “Say anything you like, but do not make any trouble.” Accordingly, without wasting time, I then got ready and went to the bookstore.

The Bible is under attack. Check inside every Bible you purchase to identify verses that are under threat. The threat is ongoing and continuous; they do not want to relent. Christians, be vigilant.

Always locate Bible verses that are threatened; the plot is actual.

When I returned the Bible, the bookseller looked perplexed. She pointed at a sign that said “No Refund” when I asked for a refund from her.”, I remarked as I walked away. “Okay, but don’t sell it to anyone else; if you do, your store will close in three months.

Locate Bible verses
Check inside every Bible you possess.

Later, surprisingly, I found the word Meri-Baal in 1 Chronicles 9:40 in every Bible version at another store. I then asked the store owners to locate the threatened Bible verse.

  1. Question: What’s the name of Jonathan’s son?

Reply: “I don’t know,” and his wife added, “Mephibosheth.”

  1. My question is, “Why is Meri-Baal in the Bible verse?”
  2. Wife question: Huby: Is Meri-Baal written there instead of Mephibosheth?

Husband: Yes, and his wife added that even if Baal is the new name, “it does not matter.”

Immediately, I realised why the Lord told me not to quarrel with them. They sell Bibles, but practically speaking, they don’t know what’s inside. For your spiritual benefit, always locate Bible verses that are in danger.

Categorically, purposefully misinterpreting the Bible is evil and will lead to hellfire. The holy book shapes our Christian faith. And perpetrating evil against it is equivalent to crucifying Christ a second time, which is immoral before God and man. Therefore, we will not accept it!

We are all aware that the Bible is being attacked by Satanists, but in Jesus’ name, we will do our best to defend the Holy Book accordingly and locate Bible verses that they are constantly distorting. God is the word of the spirit. As a result, be aware of and reject manipulated Bible verses that mislead believers. Safeguard the truth and protect your faith. It is your duty and right not to purchase such Bibles that are currently available in stores.

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