The benefits of being in the presence of the Lord


Why seek a close personal talking relationship with Jesus?

Why must you go through the Holy Spirit to do the covenant time? Basically, to seek closeness and intimacy and develop a personal talking relationship with Jesus. No wonder He said, “This is why I told you that no one can come to me. Unless the Father has enabled them” (John 6:65). As we know, the benefits of being in the presence of the Lord are immense.

Usually, after salvation, the love for God starts welling and, most of the time, even overflows in the person. That’s the Holy Spirit at work. Then, you start desiring and seeking to be like Christ. Sometimes, He may even hide from you to test you.

In reality, God’s will for us all, no matter what. It is for the Father to conform us to the image of Christ. He is conforming to His image. That is why He shall, little by little, make you become as you eat at his table in Mount Zion (Isaiah 25:6).

The Image of Christ is how God sees you?

The benefits of being in the presence of the Lord
The presence of God.

As far as God is concerned, our self-righteousness has no value or effect on Him. It is a fact we must realise if we want the benefits of being in the presence of the Lord.

Furthermore, it is vitally important to note that Adam is the one who fell; human beings did not fall. For that reason, Jesus called Himself “son of man while on the Earth.”

Therefore, from the moment Adam and Eve fell, devils and their human cohorts have steadily graduated. And they are updating in evil to their detriment. They would never change the earth’s foundation because Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

It is equally important to know that the flesh which Adam and Eve gained when they lost their spiritual body. As long as you can mortify your flesh, let all the devils, witches and wizards on earth come against you.

They cannot minimally afflict you. They will fight against you but never prevail over you since I am with you to rescue you (Jeremiah 1:19).

The scripture says that when humans began to increase in number on the earth, and daughters were born to them, the sons of God saw that the daughters of humans were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose (Genesis 6:1-2).

Can you believe that those the scripture called the sons of God were demons and are still marrying and making love to women young and old today?

Conforming to His image while You Eat with Him.

The abomination is rife in coven shrines, and occult gatherings are happening with the knowledge and in the presence of parents, husbands, wives, and friends.

Because of humans’ countless, unbearable iniquities and sins, God cannot bear to look directly at humankind but through Christ. For God to look at us humans, He sees us through Jesus Christ the way we look through a mirror to see an image.

Thank God, Jesus Christ came to shed His blood for us on the cross at Calvary and used His blood to buy us for God. This is the moment for us to strive and reap the benefits of being in the presence of the Lord.

Maybe by now, with all the Sodom and Gomorrah lifestyle gaining ground everywhere today. God could have called the shots again, as in the days of Noah.

Nevertheless, the Day of Christ is remarkably close. Jesus’ arrival is imminent as we live in the era of divine disclosure. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain a daily quiet time to reap the numerous advantages of communing with Jesus at His banquet table.

But the will of God for us is that we might have life and have it more abundantly, for Jesus came (John 10). That is why He wants you to continue to eat regularly at his table in Mount Zion,

He will focus on reducing the enemy’s vices in you to nearly 5%. While simultaneously increasing His fruit in you to the ideal 95%. His will is for you to conform to his image and be acceptable to God.

The benefits of being in the presence of the Lord.

The bottom line is that God now rules your life. Indeed, you are now Christ-like. You are a product of the image of Christ, and the devil will have no alternative but to flee your life.

You can now say a marvellous cleansing operation and deliverance have occurred in your life. Then, you can start enjoying God’s blessing with uncommon and common breakthroughs.

Furthermore, if you do not fall back, slide to the removed vices and continue eating at His table.

God will use his giant hammer and longest nail to eliminate the remaining 5% hard-to-hit vices like little pride or any other proving challenging sins.

Thereby replacing them. He will give and fill you with the Holy Spirit, with wisdom, understanding, knowledge, excellent spirit and sound mind.

Now that you have the Holy Spirit, you can claim to have become a born-again Christian and a Bonafede member of the kingdom of Jesus Christ.

And as Jesus Christ currently rules your life. You will start having joy, peace, prosperity, and success in everything you lay your hands on and, above all, start hearing from Him. As you can see, the benefits of being in the presence of the Lord are as numerous as the sand on the seashore.


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