The Bible Under Attack Unveiling the Silence 2


Why distribute manipulated Bibles globally?

The Bible under attack
Reject distorted Bibles.

We know the Bible under attack because it is accurate and ongoing. That’s why I concentrated on highlighting the violent attacks against the Bible in Part I. Therefore, in Part II, we need to understand why those who should be defending the Bible’s contents are not doing so. Instead, they choose to downplay the enemy’s assault on the word of God. In summary, these individuals are Bible suppliers and vendors, and church leaders do not want to understand that the Bible is under attack.

If we forgive the sellers for failing to verify the Bible’s contents, we cannot cover them. We’ve seen Satanic agents attack the Bible for evil purposes. We urgently need to uncover the silence surrounding the assault on the Bible.

Moreover, for what purpose? Are they downplaying this plot to undermine Jesus? The word of God? Sin is what separates us from God. It’s damaging, and for the unredeemed, it is damning (Romans 6:23). So, shall we continue in sin so that grace may abound? Paul replies with a resounding “God forbid” (Romans 6:2).

Or, moreover, shall we lead our kids and future generations to sin by misleading them into misunderstanding God to please our contemporary sinful world? Therefore, we shouldn’t tolerate distorted Bible verses.

The Bible under attack
The attack is actual.

Consider Gideons International of Wisconsin, USA, which sends Bibles in more than 108 languages to over 200 nations worldwide.

Can it also claim ignorance of the deliberate misinterpretations in the Bibles it distributes? Or is it taking for granted the fact that the Bible is under attack from Satanism? And nothing can be done??

The organization must inform Christians of the Gideon family’s goal. The Gideon family’s goal of “encouraging each other to do the Lord’s work and more,” as articulated in 1899, remains relevant today.

Defending the Bible’s integrity is our concern.

If “yes” is the response, given the extent of Bible misinterpretations that are actual and continue, why is there such silence? Are people not taking seriously the word of God? Who hasn’t noticed the random distortion of the first chapters of the Genesis book? Why can’t those who distribute the Bible maintain its integrity intact? Or should we accept anything that can be read in the Bible?

Tell us why they should allow anyone to violate God’s word, which they disseminated throughout the world for a long time. Or are they saying they do not inspect the Bible after printing?

The questions we are asking Thomas Nelson and Gideons also apply to other Bible retailers and distributors worldwide. I know it’s extra work, but they can make it their duty to inspect a copy of new arrivals from the distributors. Additionally, any manipulations should be reported to the Bible printers, churches, and world Bible organisations. The Bible under attack is real.

But how could such reputable organisations distribute the Bible to all corners of the world? When they disseminate the Bible, they often fail to align its contents with the truth that has endured throughout generations, which is a significant and unacceptable mistake.

They also often pretend to be unaware of any Scripture violations. Or is it possible that the Holy Spirit has not touched those who spread the word globally for centuries to detect the evil deeds against the Bible? If the latter is the case, then they need to step up.

Distorting it? The Bible under attack, and Christians are silent?

What should we say about church leaders, evangelists, deacons, and deaconesses? Including religious charlatans, they are all supposed to talk when the mainstay of their income, the Bible, which is the neck that carries the church, is under threat. Or are they afraid of Satan and his demons, whom they associate with?

The Bible under attack
Check inside your Bible.

Why misinterpret the Bible’s scriptures?

  • To mislead Christians, especially future generations.
  • It provides incorrect interpretations of the truths that God intends to communicate to us.

2 Timoty 2:15 tells us, ‘Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved worker who does not need to be ashamed and correctly handles the word of truth.’ Therefore, we must read the Bible verses for what they say, not what we want them to say, because evil is evolving in society. We must know we are serving an unchangeable God. Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

Do not harden your heart to The Lord’s warnings:

“I warn everyone who hears the words of the prophecy in this scroll.” Suppose anyone adds anything to them. God will add to the plagues described in this scroll for that person.

If anyone removes words from this scroll of prophecy, God will take away that person’s share in the tree of life. This scroll describes the Holy City (Revelations 22:18–19). But they are not perturbing it but keeping the Bible under attack.

Christians everywhere must realize that the Bible faces severe opposition from the agents of darkness—Iran and China. Agents of Satan want to turn the world into a vile place where doing evil becomes normal.

Indeed, distorting God’s word is a very immoral act before God and man. The Bible under attack steadily. Our Lord Christ is angry.

The Bible under attack
Fighting a good fight of faith.

Indeed, the Bible is under attack from Satanic acolytes and is in dire need of a quick response from Christians. God’s people must wake up to devise a strategy to defend it. It is our duty as Christians. Period!

Perseverance and persistence are essential in fighting the good fight of faith, especially when the road is difficult and the enemy is vile. Let’s join hands in this fight against Satan and his cohorts.

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