The Ogoniland remediation cleanup crisis and 7 more.

Ogoniland remediation cleanup
Say no to Pollution.

Ogoniland has suffered enough clean it up.

Indeed, no nation or people have experienced as many tragedies as the Ogonis due to oil extraction. As a result, there is a dire need for an Ogoniland remediation cleanup and fresh territory that the masses still advocate for today.

Moreover, the primary motivation for the post came from the injustice towards them due to the shell’s callous treatment of their land.

Certainly, Ogoniland is now the epicentre of thievery, pollution, and destruction. Where living and non-living things are rapidly.

Another is a vicious internal conflict in the Niger Delta region. That has left the area in the hands of militants. Who frequently and unaccountably blow up essential gas and crude oil pipelines.

To frequently demand ransom payments to gain a larger share of the country’s black gold treasure. As a result, these cause economic and social setbacks for the region and force the locals into utter destitution.

Assessment Ogoniland Remediation Cleanup Territory.

Nevertheless, the Nigerian government has officially accepted Bishop Kukah’s mediation panel between the Ogoni people and the SPDC report.

Consequently, the disasters caused by SPDC to the populace and the environment have become a thing of life and death. Otherwise, it requires a competent hand. And finally, conduct the Ogoniland remediation cleanup and fresh territory.

Especially in Nigeria, courts might blatantly rule that darkness exists on a sunny day. It is such a place where corruption has ruined every element of life in the nation. Worst still, the legal system.

What’s more to invest in Nigeria? One must be stupid and a crook, like the flaky democratic French money-laundering puppy at the helm.

Instead, on June 2, 2016, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), which the government chose. To undertake the scientific evaluation of the human and ecological tragedy commenced.

However, it began to address all issues related to oil contamination in the Niger Delta. I will also necessitate extending the cleanup of Ogoniland to other communities affected by oil.

Criminality results from social and economic setbacks.

According to the UNEP, it will take 25 to 30 years before the natives of the damaged area may enjoy a clean and fresh environment. (Soni, 2016).

Hence, the much-awaited Ogoniland remediation cleanup and fresh territory must meet citizens’ expectations. Furthermore, the government has to ensure that the lives and livelihoods of the people are safe.

Conversely, these people’s needs have been at stake for many decades. Meanwhile, the economy, environment, and the masses have endured enough pollution and deaths.

As of 2016, the government must secure Ogoniland’s future and faith. Similarly valid for restoring the people’s economic, social, and cultural rights.

To regain the capacity to farm and fish as they did before the end of WWII. In addition to caring for their dads’ graves. For them to ultimately control their fate, oil mining in the Niger Delta region. In total, Ogoniland remediation cleanup and fresh territory.

Ogoniland Lamentation:

Ding Dong Ogoni! Ding Dong Alleluia!! Why me, Ogoni land, Lord. Why me? You gave me many blessings—rivers flowing with oil. You so much blessed me. With vegetation like Eden and soil fertile like Canaan land. Why me, Lord (Presley, 1974).

Rivers of oil bathe me, refresh me. And fill me anew with lives (Brown, 1980). You decided to adorn your table in heaven with my oil. You asked Ogoniland. To eternally furnish your table with palm oil

Palm oil that is reddish than tomatoes pure. Palm wine that the bridegroom doth set forth first. However, people came from far lands called.

Malaysia and Indonesia to take some of my palm fruits; Lord, they have destroyed other trees there for my precious oil. Ogoniland remediation cleanup I’m crying for.

Traders from the white man’s land. They came for my oil to cook and fry and for their industries. As if not enough, you immensely filled. My underneath with oil called crude to enrich my nation.

Crude officials of my country instead of defending me. Like officers in charge of oil elsewhere do. They collaborated with rough men from foreign lands to destroy me like a city boy from town killed his land. That’s why I urgently want Ogoniland remediation cleanup.


(Dr Osonduc Nworu)



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