5 Tips for Spending Quality Time with God


It is in the intimacy of the secret place that you build your relationship with the Lord. This is where you will learn to recognize his voice and give him first place in your life. Certainly, it happens that we often feel a strong need to pray without necessarily being able to explain it, but following the example of Jesus who spent hours with his heavenly Father, we must desire to spend time in the presence of God and initiate these moments each day without waiting to be “pushed” by the Spirit.

Blessed are those who dwell in your house: they can celebrate you without ceasing. Psalms 84:5

1. Reserve a specific time of day

Your days are probably busy, but it would be a shame to find yourself before God without energy, too tired to talk to Him, open your heart to Him, or meditate on the Scriptures. Schedule your privacy time in advance by setting it at a time of day when your Dad will have your full attention.

In this world, there is a time for everything and a time for everything.
Ecclesiastes 3:1

2. Sit in a pleasant and quiet place

Always be comfortable to offer the best to God, and prepare a pleasant place. In front of a window, sitting comfortably on an armchair sipping tea, standing and surveying all the square meters of your room. It’s up to you to see what suits you best. Avoid positions and places that could distract you or make you fall asleep.

But when you want to pray, go to the most hidden room in the house. Close the door and pray to your Father who is there, even in this secret place. Your Father sees what you do in secret and he will reward you.
Matthew 6:6

3. Take your Bible, a notebook, and a pen

God wants to speak to you. Whether it’s through reading a Bible passage, a word in your heart, or a picture in your mind, He can communicate with you in many different ways. To prepare for this, you can ask the Holy Spirit to make you sensitive to His voice. Hearing God will prompt you to return to His presence.

Then the Lord answered me: “Write what I make known to you. Write it clearly on tablets so that it is easy to read. »
Habakkuk 2:2

4. Praise him!

At all times, in all circumstances, you have reasons to praise the Lord, so do not deprive your soul of it. Be grateful even for the “little” things. Praise Him for the moments you spent with your loved ones, and for your productive day at work; thank him for the strength in your legs that carried you when you missed the bus. God is present at every appointment, celebrate him for his faithfulness! By doing this, you prepare your mind to receive what God does.

My mouth is full of your praises. Every day I sing of your beauty. Psalms 71:8

5. Do not flee from his presence, take refuge in it!

It is possible that in your times of prayer, you do not like or are ashamed of what the Spirit reveals to you about yourself. When this happens, don’t be too quick to silence that voice, and don’t run away. God can pinpoint an aspect of your character that needs transformation. If every time you enter His presence you hide, you risk getting tired very quickly of these times which you will find superficial and hypocritical. On the contrary, let him see you as you are, present your heart to him with freedom and humility; and do not forget that the Lord Jesus is your advocate with the Father so that you emerge from the secret place free of all guilt!

Where to go away from you? Where to escape from your gaze? If I ascend to heaven, you are there, if I lie down among the dead, there you are. If I fly away on the wings of the morning to go beyond the seas, even there you lead me by the hand and hold me fast.
Psalms 139:7-10

The Bible says in Psalms 14 that the Lord looks down on men from heaven to find someone who seeks him. God gave his only son to have a relationship with us and two people can’t build any kind of intimate relationship without spending time together. God is looking from heaven for someone who will spend time with him, will you be that person?


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